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The Twinkle Palette by Miinachi Cosmetics Pigmented Pressed Glitter Palette No Glue Needed No Mess

Designer: Miinachi Cosmetics

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The Twinkle Palette has literally EVERY colour you could think of! Thirty vibrant, neutral and eye popping shades including golds, blues, greens, pinks, red, silvers, black, browns and even a few mixed colours! 

This beautiful palette is made from cosmetic grade glitter. It's face friendly and can be used all over your body too! It's SMUDGE PROOF, water proof and there's absolutely NO glue needed - and guess what? There's no fall out either! 

This palette is great for makeup artists that need every colour in their kit, with no mess. The glitter in this best selling palette can stay until you want to take it off. This palette is very popular for anyone attending concerts, festivals, weddings, nights out and much more!

We hope you love this palette as much as we do xox